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/ 14 февраля
Cartoons can be a genre which, until recently, I believed I might never return, including because of my age. However the animated series together with the uncomplicated title "Rick and Morty" helped me cuddle the screen again, as back many years ago, when I spent my children's evenings watching our next episode of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" or "Spider-Man ".

In the first place, it will be worth highlighting the authors of the project, as the whole series is based on their vision, thoughts and written dialogues. The creators and ideological inspirers on the animated series are - Dan Harmon, whom many referred to as this writer of the very most "tenacious" series "Community", whose unique style and humor are going to be traced over the season (yes, at this point just one season has become released), and Justin Royland , a personality unfamiliar to a variety of viewers, that's mainly engaged within the voice acting of animated series (hello fans of "Gravity Falls" and "Adventure Time") as well as here he's assigned an equivalent role.

Main characters: Rick is often a genius scientist-drunkard, sociopath, cynic, that is the primary catalyst for any misfortunes that befall the Smith family, and now and then makes sharp jokes about his notorious son-in-law regarding his low level of intelligence. The prototype for the creation of this extremely memorable character was the well-known Doc Brown from your legendary trilogy "Back to the Future ".

Morty is Rick's grandson, 14 years, probably the most ordinary teenager who experiences the typical difficulties built into children of his age. Its notable features include: a somewhat dangerous of alarmism, together with a slight lethargy. Incidentally, a fascinating fact - the two titular characters were voiced in the initial by one person - Justin Royland.

Also, the backbone of the chief characters are Jerry and Betty - Morty's parents, who are receiving minor family difficulties, and Summer - a mature sister, obsessed with your ex status among peers.

The actions of the animated series unfold ... everywhere - in several dimensions, realities, simulations, planets, plus other's dreams and perhaps inside the human beings body. Whether or not this is still, Most likely, next seasons the authors should be able to surprise us over once.

One of the strengths from the series is probably its excellent jokes, dialogues, references and parodies to popular topics within our time. At the beginning, the general drawing of the animated series might be a little embarrassing, but after a while you set out to find that a similar model of design.

Bottom Line: Rick and Morty is a great demonstration of what animated series should be like these days. The animated series has everything you have to have an enjoyable experience - bright and funny characters, sparkling humor as well as an interesting plot component. I suggest watching.

10 outside of 10