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image'It feels even more evocative when set to music - a bit like a silent movie and we thought it would be great fun to recreate the image as a stereo view at Stonehenge and breathe new life into an old photo.'

'The stones play such an important role in our collective memory and this can be seen so clearly in the long tradition of family and group photos taken at the stones and on display in the Your Stonehenge exhibition.

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Police finally began making mass arrests on Monday evening after London's West End was paralysed for hours by Extinction Rebellion protesters who had erected a giant pink table in the middle of the road.

Police finally began making mass arrests on Monday evening after London's West End was paralysed for hours by Extinction Rebellion protesters who had erected a giant pink table in the middle of the road

Leaders of the eco-campaign group say Scotland Yard's tactic of cordoning off roads leading to where they had set up a giant pink table near to Leicester Square tube station had kept customers away from local businesses throughout yesterday.  

Shop owners, restaurateurs and accountants have been among those to slam the selfish actions of XR activists today as they shared their fury at facing further obstacles on the road to recovery after an already challenging 18-month period. 

Police earlier moved on the vast majority of protesters who swarmed into the road, as most headed to Trafalgar Square, mp3 before concentrating on releasing those who locked themselves together in a home-made wooden case and steel drums

Officers responded after protesters erected a huge piece of pink furniture - which had the words 'Change is Now' and 'Come to the table' written on it - on the junction of Long Acre, St Martins Lane and Garrick Street. 

Today Extinction Rebellion, also known as XR, caused a second day of traffic chaos as an elderly woman in a Liverpool shirt was hauled away by police while activists blocked Whitehall by locking their arms inside oil drums. 

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Several protesters were seen being carried into police vans as crowds chanted 'shame on you.' A small crowd was continuing to remain under the giant table, which was put up near Leicester Square tube station.  Officers have said that they will be confiscating the table when the protesters are finally cleared.  

Until they began making mass arrests at 8pm, the Metropolitan police had detained just eight people, despite the fact that the protest began at midday today.  By 10.15pm on Monday, the police said the the number of arrests had increased to 52. 

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Shop owners and restauranteurs told MailOnline how XR's impromptu stunt of setting up the table across a busy junction in London's West End and having thousands of supporters swarm the area unexpectedly had cost them potentially thousands of pounds.

One gift shop owner described it as a 'kick in the teeth' as they struggled to pay their business rates in the aftermath of COVID lockdowns. However, a spokesperson from XR shifted the blame onto police in a statement released this afternoon.

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